We have reached the start up peak!

We have reached the start up peak!

Our partners University American College-Skopje, hosted the fifth and last seminar of the Second Start Up Academy.The first day of the seminar Started with Mr. Pavle Gacov, owner of Proagens Skopje. Across his session, Mr. Gacov covered the topic: Taxes and Tax Consultancy. He explained and shared the regional tax structures and compared them with the Macedonian ones. Also Mr. Gacov shared useful tips and tricks for taxes in Macedonia and gave consultancy to the participants about strategic ways of finance management. On the second session, the participants were able to participate in a panel discussion where they had a chance to hear about start up financing opportunities in Macedonia. On the panel there was Eleonora Zgonjanin Petrovic from FULM Savings House, Simona Sosolceva from Crimson Development Foundation and Ljupka Mitrinovska from Fund for Innovation and Technological Development.

CollageThe second day of the seminar, participants had the chance to receive a SWOT analyses consultations from Michelle Osmanli. Taking examples from some of the participants’ SWOTs, Michelle delivered how a correct analyses should be conducted and how the improvements need to be made. The participants has also a chance to pitch their ideas in front of Michelle in order to provide them with more useful tips for a successful presentation in front of the investors. The following session that day was with Hajan Selmani, a young successful entrepreneur and a Microsoft MVP. Even though he is young, he has experience of over 8 years with running a business in Macedonia.

After the lunch break as a complementary session with the previous one, we hosted the owner of Vitalia, Mr. Nikola Vetadzokovski. The participants had the whole picture after this session, due to the fact that Mr. Vetadzokovski presented how to run a successful business for over 20 years in Macedonia considering that his company is mainly exporting abroad. The participants were eager to ask a lot of questions leading to a long and interesting discussion with Mr. Vetadzokovski.

Collage The second day of the seminar was summarized with the movie night session, watching Valley Uprise. It is documentary story for the history of rock climbers at Yosemite National Park.It was a great session because through the story of the rock climbing experience that the character were telling, the participants compared it with the entrepreneurial world. This session was the warm up for the simulation that happened on Sunday.

The last day of the seminar and the Start Up Academy was organized together with the Alpine Club AK-8 from Skopje. All of the participants traveled to the Canyon of Demir Kapija and had a team rock climbing event. It was adrenaline and awesome way to summarize the second academy, and to prove the team spirit among the participants.

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