Start Up Academy Open Call

Start Up Academy Open Call

us-uk-256It is our pleasure to announce the beginning of the application process for the second edition of the Start UP Entrepreneurship Academy organized by the Summer Work & Travel Alumni Association of Macedonia. The year-long Academy consists of five three-day seminars led by top trainers from Macedonian corporate and academic world. The topics of the five seminars are going to be in the field of career management, business modeling, trade law, entrepreneurship, finance and SMEs management. The ultimate goal of the Academy is to develop the participants’ business ideas into real new start ups. This would be achieved by the help of well-known business people from the corporate sector, as well as by the support of different start up funds which are available in Macedonia . Lectures are going to be held in English and Macedonian language. Potential participants should be aged 19-26. The participation at the Work & Travel program would be considered as an advantage, but would not be crucial for the final decision.

The complete open call could be downloaded on the following links: EN MK AL

All candidates interested in applying for the academy should submit the online application not later thð░n 31 October. The application could be submitted in English, Macedonian or Albanian.

The best candidates from the first phase will be contacted to come to an oral interview. The selection will be made ÔÇïÔÇïbased on the submitted innovative idea and personal achievements (including academic and non-formal education), as well as on the regional, ethnic and gender representation.


b560feðØð© ð┐ÐÇðÁÐéÐüÐéð░ð▓Ðâð▓ð░ ð¥ð│ÐÇð¥ð╝ð¢ð░ ÐçðÁÐüÐé ð© ðÀð░ð┤ð¥ð▓ð¥ð╗ÐüÐéð▓ð¥ ð┤ð░ ð│ð¥ ð¥ð▒Ðÿð░ð▓ð©ð╝ðÁ ð║ð¥ð¢ð║ÐâÐÇÐüð¥Ðé ðÀð░ ð▓Ðéð¥ÐÇð░Ðéð░ Start UP ð░ð║ð░ð┤ðÁð╝ð©Ðÿð░ ðÀð░ ð┐ÐÇðÁÐéð┐ÐÇð©ðÁð╝ð¢ð©ÐêÐéð▓ð¥ ð¥ÐÇð│ð░ð¢ð©ðÀð©ÐÇð░ð¢ð░ ð¥ð┤ Summer Work & Travel Alumni Association Macedonia. ð×ð▓ð░ð░ ð░ð║ð░ð┤ðÁð╝ð©Ðÿð░ ð┐ÐÇðÁÐéÐüÐéð░ð▓Ðâð▓ð░ ð║ð¥ð¢ÐåðÁð┐Ðé ð¢ð░ ðÁð┤ð¢ð¥ð│ð¥ð┤ð©Ðêð¢ð░ ÐüðÁÐÇð©Ðÿð░ ð¢ð░ ð┐ðÁÐé ÐüðÁð╝ð©ð¢ð░ÐÇð© ð▓ð¥ð┤ðÁð¢ð© ð¥ð┤ ð▓ÐÇð▓ð¢ð© ð¥ð▒ÐâÐçÐâð▓ð░Ðçð© ð¥ð┤ ð╝ð░ð║ðÁð┤ð¥ð¢Ðüð║ð©ð¥Ðé ð║ð¥ÐÇð┐ð¥ÐÇð░Ðéð©ð▓ðÁð¢ ð© ð░ð║ð░ð┤ðÁð╝Ðüð║ð© Ðüð▓ðÁÐé ð║ð░ð║ð¥ ð© ðÁð║Ðüð┐ðÁÐÇÐéð© ð© ð┐ÐÇðÁÐéð┐ÐÇð©ðÁð╝ð░Ðçð© ð¥ð┤ ðíðÉðö. ðóðÁð╝ð©ÐéðÁ ð¢ð░ ð┐ðÁÐéÐéðÁ ÐüðÁð╝ð©ð¢ð░ÐÇð© УðÁ ð▒ð©ð┤ð░Ðé ð¥ð┤ ð¥ð▒ð╗ð░ÐüÐéð░ ð¢ð░ ð║ð░ÐÇð©ðÁÐÇð¢ð©ð¥Ðé ð╝ðÁð¢ð░Ѓð╝ðÁð¢Ðé, ð▒ð©ðÀð¢ð©Ðü ð╝ð¥ð┤ðÁð╗ð©ÐÇð░ÐÜðÁÐéð¥, ÐéÐÇð│ð¥ð▓Ðüð║ð¥Ðéð¥ ð┐ÐÇð░ð▓ð¥, ð┐ÐÇðÁÐéð┐ÐÇð©ðÁð╝ð¢ð©ÐêÐéð▓ð¥Ðéð¥, Ðäð©ð¢ð░ð¢Ðüð©ð©ÐéðÁ ð© ð╝ðÁð¢ð░Ѓð╝ðÁð¢Ðéð¥Ðé ð¢ð░ ð╝ð░ð╗ð©ÐéðÁ ð© ÐüÐÇðÁð┤ð¢ð©ÐéðÁ ð┐ÐÇðÁÐéð┐ÐÇð©Ðÿð░Ðéð©Ðÿð░. ð×Ðüð¢ð¥ð▓ð¢ð░Ðéð░ ÐåðÁð╗ ð¢ð░ ð░ð║ð░ð┤ðÁð╝ð©Ðÿð░Ðéð░ ðÁ ð┤ð░ ð©ð╝ ð┐ð¥ð╝ð¥ð│ð¢ðÁ ð┤ð░ ÐâÐçðÁÐüð¢ð©Ðåð©ÐéðÁ, ð░ð╗Ðâð╝ð¢ð©ÐüÐéð©ÐéðÁ ð┤ð░ ð│ð© ÐÇð░ðÀð▓ð©Ðÿð░Ðé ð¢ð©ð▓ð¢ð©ÐéðÁ ð©ð¢ð¥ð▓ð░Ðéð©ð▓ð¢ð© ð©ð┤ðÁð© ð▓ð¥ ÐÇðÁð░ð╗ð¢ð© ð¢ð¥ð▓ð© ð▒ð©ðÀð¢ð©Ðüð© ð©ð╗ð© ð╝ð¥ðÂðÁð▒ð© ð©ð¢ð¥ð▓ð░Ðåð©ð© ð▓ð¥ ð▓ðÁУðÁ ð┐ð¥ÐüÐéð¥ðÁÐçð║ð© ð▒ð©ðÀð¢ð©Ðüð© ð▓ð¥ ð£ð░ð║ðÁð┤ð¥ð¢ð©Ðÿð░. ð×ð▓ð░ð░ ÐåðÁð╗ ð┐ÐÇðÁð┤ Ðü├® УðÁ ð▒ð©ð┤ðÁ ð┐ð¥ÐüÐéð©ð│ð¢ð░Ðéð░ ð┐ÐÇðÁð║Ðâ ð▓ð¥Ðüð┐ð¥ÐüÐéð░ð▓Ðâð▓ð░ÐÜðÁ ð¢ð░ ð╝ðÁð¢Ðéð¥ÐÇÐüð║ð© ð▓ÐÇÐüð║ð© ð┐ð¥ð╝ðÁÐôÐâ ð▓ÐÇð▓ð¢ð© ð╝ðÁð¢ð░ЃðÁÐÇð© ð¥ð┤ ð▒ð©ðÀð¢ð©Ðü ÐüðÁð║Ðéð¥ÐÇð¥Ðé ð▓ð¥ ð£ð░ð║ðÁð┤ð¥ð¢ð©Ðÿð░ ð© ð¢ð░Ðêð©ÐéðÁ 30 ÐâÐçðÁÐüð¢ð©Ðåð©. ðƒÐÇðÁð┤ð░ð▓ð░ÐÜð░Ðéð░ УðÁ ð▒ð©ð┤ð░Ðé ð¥ð┤ÐÇðÂÐâð▓ð░ð¢ð© ð¢ð░ ð£ð░ð║ðÁð┤ð¥ð¢Ðüð║ð© ð© ðÉð¢ð│ð╗ð©Ðüð║ð© Ðÿð░ðÀð©ð║. ðÉð┐ð╗ð©ð║ð░ð¢Ðéð©ÐéðÁ ÐéÐÇðÁð▒ð░ ð┤ð░ ð▒ð©ð┤ð░Ðé ð¢ð░ ð▓ð¥ðÀÐÇð░ÐüÐé ð¥ð┤ 19 ð┤ð¥ 26 ð│ð¥ð┤ð©ð¢ð©. ðúÐçðÁÐüÐéð▓ð¥Ðéð¥ ð¢ð░ ð┐ÐÇð¥ð│ÐÇð░ð╝ð░Ðéð░ Work & Travel УðÁ ÐüðÁ Ðüð╝ðÁÐéð░ ðÀð░ ð┐ÐÇðÁð┤ð¢ð¥ÐüÐé ð┐ÐÇð© ð┐ÐÇð¥ÐåðÁÐüð¥Ðé ð¢ð░ ÐüðÁð╗ðÁð║Ðåð©Ðÿð░, ð¢ð¥ ð¢ðÁð╝ð░ ð┤ð░ ð©ð╝ð░ ð┐ÐÇðÁÐüÐâð┤ð¢ð¥ ðÀð¢ð░ÐçðÁÐÜðÁ ð┐ÐÇð© ð©ðÀð▒ð¥ÐÇð¥Ðé.

ðªðÁð╗ð¥Ðüð¢ð©ð¥Ðé ð║ð¥ð¢ð║ÐâÐÇÐü ð╝ð¥ðÂðÁÐéðÁ ð┤ð░ ð│ð¥ ð¢ð░Ðÿð┤ðÁÐéðÁ ð¢ð░ Ðüð╗ðÁð┤ð¢ð©ð▓ðÁ ð╗ð©ð¢ð║ð¥ð▓ð©: EN MK AL

ðíð©ÐéðÁ ð║ð░ð¢ð┤ð©ð┤ð░Ðéð© ðÀð░ð©ð¢ÐéðÁÐÇðÁÐüð©ÐÇð░ð¢ð© ð┤ð░ ÐâÐçðÁÐüÐéð▓Ðâð▓ð░ð░Ðé ð¢ð░ ð░ð║ð░ð┤ðÁð╝ð©Ðÿð░Ðéð░ ÐéÐÇðÁð▒ð░ ð┤ð░ ð┐ð¥ð┐ð¥ð╗ð¢ð░Ðé online ð░ð┐ð╗ð©ð║ð░Ðåð©Ðÿð░ ð¢ð░Ðÿð┤ð¥Ðåð¢ð░ ð┤ð¥ 31 ð¥ð║Ðéð¥ð╝ð▓ÐÇð©. ðÉð┐ð╗ð©ð║ð░Ðåð©Ðÿð░Ðéð░ ð╝ð¥ðÂðÁ ð┤ð░ ð▒ð©ð┤ðÁ ð┐ð¥ð┐ð¥ð╗ð¢ðÁÐéð© ð¢ð░ Ðüð©ÐéðÁ ÐéÐÇð© Ðÿð░ðÀð©ð║ð░.

ðØð░Ðÿð┤ð¥ð▒ÐÇð©ÐéðÁ ð║ð░ð¢ð┤ð©ð┤ð░Ðéð© ð¥ð┤ ð┐ÐÇð▓ð░Ðéð░ Ðäð░ðÀð░ УðÁ ð▒ð©ð┤ð░Ðé ð║ð¥ð¢Ðéð░ð║Ðéð©ÐÇð░ð¢ð© ð© ð┐ð¥ð║ð░ð¢ðÁÐéð© ð¢ð░ ÐâÐüð¢ð¥ ð©ð¢ÐéðÁÐÇð▓ÐÿÐâ. ðíðÁð╗ðÁð║Ðåð©Ðÿð░Ðéð░ УðÁ ð▒ð©ð┤ðÁ ð¢ð░ð┐ÐÇð░ð▓ðÁð¢ð░ ð▓ÐÇðÀ ð¥Ðüð¢ð¥ð▓ð░ ð¢ð░ ð©Ðüð┐ÐÇð░ÐéðÁð¢ð░Ðéð░ ð©ð¢ð¥ð▓ð░Ðéð©ð▓ð¢ð░ ð©ð┤ðÁÐÿð░, ð╗ð©Ðçð¢ð©ÐéðÁ ð¥ÐüÐéð▓ð░ÐÇÐâð▓ð░ÐÜð░ ð║ð░ð║ð¥ ð© ð░ð║ð░ð┤ðÁð╝Ðüð║ð©ÐéðÁ ð┐ð¥ÐüÐéð©ð│ð¢Ðâð▓ð░ÐÜð░. ðƒÐÇð© ÐüðÁð╗ðÁð║Ðåð©Ðÿð░Ðéð░ УðÁ ÐüðÁ ð▓ð¢ð©ð╝ð░ð▓ð░ ð¢ð░ ð┐ð¥ð╗ð¥ð▓ð░Ðéð░, ðÁÐéð¢ð©Ðçð║ð░Ðéð░ ð© ÐÇðÁð│ð©ð¥ð¢ð░ð╗ð¢ð░Ðéð░ ðÀð░ÐüÐéð░ð┐ðÁð¢ð¥ÐüÐé.

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