When a Hobby becomes Business – Si Accessories

When a Hobby becomes Business – Si Accessories

Simona Ristovska is one of the participants of the first Start Up Academy who started her own business during the Academy. Here is her story:

She is a part of the American Councils Macedonia Team. In order to raise money for the organization they made a workshop ÔÇôProject Handmade Happiness, where they had to make jewelry and then to sell it. That workshop helped her to realize that she really enjoys doing crafts such as jewelry. After couple of months, she had to attend an event but she didn’t have necklace, so she decided to make one. One of the guests on that event noticed her necklace and asked her if she can make one for her. She accepted. She says that this boosted her self-confidence because there was someone who liked her work. Later on all her friends and family started to ask to make them jewelry, so she decided to turn her hobby into a business.Image

The biggest challenges she faced was putting the right price, making loyal customers and meet their needs. When she heard that it is going to be organized the first Start Up Academy she applied with her business idea. On her pleasure she was accepted and become one of the participants. Now when all the seminars are done and she developed her business plan, she said: The Start Up Academy definitely helped me how to manage the problems with which I am facing and also to define some of my long terms goals. The experience which all the lecturers shared with us made me stronger, now when I have to make a decision. I am happy because I was chosen to be one of the participants.

If you like, follow her work on her facebook fun page: Si Accessories

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