Almost ready to start up!

Almost ready to start up!

The fourth seminar as well as the previous three, resulted with improved knowledge of all of the StartUp Academy’s participants. This seminar occurred in the Hotel Gradce, Kocani, which is situated by the beautiful lake Gratce. It took place from 27 March to 01 March 2015.

The first day of the seminar belonged to MSc Dushan Bosiljanov, Assistant at the Faculty Iustinianus Primus Skopje. Across the two sessions, Dushan covered two main topics: legal procedures for opening startup companies and legal property rights. Creating a company ID, understanding the nominal capital, legal forms of companies, understanding the market of shares, patents, industrial design etc. were some of the topics in which the participants showed great interest. Dushan managed to convey an extensive amount of information crucial for the new entrepreneurs, with success.


The second day of the seminar, participants had the chance to have two sessions held by one of the most outstanding experts in the branding field – PhD Ljupka Naumovska. As a founder of the PR and marketing agency Honeybiz, Ljupka was the right person to talk about branding and identity, and gave these topics a whole new meaning and dimension for the participants and their ideas. Participants showed interest for discussion while Collageunderstanding the communication process, the integrated marketing mix, using Fibonacci ratio in commercials and how a brand strategy is created. Ljupka also spent a session teaching about marketing on a small budget-especially important for participants’ startup businesses. During the session, they had multiple tasks including writing a press release, giving politically correct interview for a newspaper and writing catchy facebook posts for their businesses’ fan pages.

One of the most important sessions on the seminar was the one with Kaitlin Turck from the US Embassy Skopje. Kaitlin met with the participants for the second time during this Academy, this time moderating a five-hour business pitch workshop. This workshop was planned to prepare the participants with knowledge and skill on how to best pitch their ideas in front of business angels at the upcoming meeting. Every participant had the chance to pitch his/her idea, after which Kaitlin gave detailed tips and advices on the content and presentation skills, and asked the participants to repeat their improved pitches including the tips and advices. After this workshop, more participants felt encouraged to step out and present their ideas in front of their potential investors.

The last day of the seminar participants spent with Petar Ninovski, CEO and founder of Coffee Break Courses. Petar was speaking about the 8D Problem solving methodology used to identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems focused on product and process improvement. Besides this methodology, he was speaking about two tools used to facilitate the process of problem solving, including root cause analysis and corrective action: the IS-IS NOT problem solving tool and the Ishikawa diagram. At the end of the session, participants had to solve a business case using the newly learned methodology and tools in order to understand and recognize the cause of the problem and then propose multiple permanent corrective actions.

As usual, on this seminar the evaluation was not omitted. It was held by Viktor Mitevski and the overall grade of the seminar, which was evaluated by the participants, was more than satisfactory.

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