Using proven content, methods, and models for new venture opportunity assessment and analysis, participants will learn how to identify and analyze entrepreneurial opportunities.


Specially designed Brochures are available for you during the seminars. All the materials are available online.


Interact with other young entrepreneurs; exchange information, develop contacts and share experiences with the leading business people of Macedonia during numerous networking events and activities.


Maja Ilievska

A marketing company which offers alternative marketing solution for SMEs. She uses the empty areas of the pizza delivery boxes to put logos, banners or coupons of companies.



Win-Win is a local freelancing platform which is going to connect the job seekers with the employers. The platform will be published in January 2015.


Simona Ristovska

A sole proprietor who offers unique and great quality handmade jewelry for all occasions. Situated in Tetovo, but she delivers products all over Macedonia.


The Conference

Smart UP is a motivational conference which aims to awaken and develop the entrepreneurship spirit among the young people in Macedonia. The Academy participants would have a unique opportunity to present their idea or businesses in front of potential investors and business angels. This would not only help them find funds for their businesses, but would also promote them in front of the wider public.

The Speakers

The Smart Up Conference is consisted of two sessions, the first where 10 young entrepreneurs from the Start Up Academy pitch their business ideas in front of the audience, and the second one, where the participants would have the opportunity to hear from three successful entrepreneurs who share their experience with the audience and talk about the key factors which brought them to the success.


Viktor Mitevski

Marko Georgievski

Marko Georgievski

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40% Entrepreneurs & Professionals
60% Professors & Experienced Trainers
100 hours of Trainer/Mentor to peer activities

70% of startups

startups that were mentored have 3 times higher chances of

The Start Up Academy is a learning and executing program which aims to assist 
aspiring entrepreneurs in developing innovative ideas into scalable businesses. 
The format is a 10 week Lean LaunchPad program.

The Start Up Academy would offer twice a week gatherings where the participants will present their research and learned outcomes in front of the trainers and the mentors. Each gathering would be a “flipped classroom” structured workshop.